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Xiong Da Synthetic Resin Tile Ins

Xiong Da Synthetic Resin Tile Installation Group now specializes in all kinds of antique tile steel structure buildings, ...

Xiong Dayi's antique accounting d

After the Jinsan system came online, the era of tax evasion and tax evasion has passed. Xiong Dayi's antique accounting d...

PC glazed tile 1050-960-220 price


An Ancient Waxiong Great Quotatio

An Ancient Waxiong Great Quotation: Fan Bingbing and Li Chen broke up Bear Great Endurance Plate Feels Nothing Song Zo...

Bear Great Endurance Board Brand

Bear Great Endurance Board Brand Recommendation Meeting was held on August 18, 2019. High quality, low price and sustaina...

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     XIONGDA COMPANY.is a professional manufacturer of the polycarbonate sheet with ResearchingDeveloping,Production,Processing and after service.The products covering polycarbonate solid sheet,polycarbonate hollow sheet,PC solid sheet,PC hollow sheet,U-shaped locking hollow sheet,PC s...........
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light high rate: corrugated hollow plate transmission 84% transparent to visible light transmittance, close to the glass rate. Corrugated structure board can let more light in the daily morning and evening irradiated plants get more light for greenhouse....
PC Corrugate Sheets are impact-resistant, transparent, durable, light, fireproof and with anti-UV effect. There is a wide selection and application. PC Corrugate Sheet can be used for countryards, car shieds, balconies, rain shied, screens, pavilions and swimming pool ...
Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet is a nontoxic and trsnsparent product with heat resitant, impact resistance, high light transmission, and fireproff festures. The easy instalation feature of PC Hollow Sheet also can be used wildly in construction, decoration, carport, awning and agriculture. We can make widest hollow sheets with UV coating, the anti-UV effect can protect the sheet well, applying high technique co-extrusion. We are ISO-9002 certificated. Features: color-stable, fireproof, and durable....
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